PPSC Lecturer English Preparation Test No 2

Welcome to your PPSC Lecturer English Preparation Test No 2

He was laughing at------------

2. The sounds that make vocal folds vibrate are called

3. What would be the best suitable antonym of Graceful

4. Andrew Marvell, George Herbert, and Henry Vaughan are best described as_________

5. Thomas Kyd and Marlowe were both influenced by__________

6. constriction that causes air flow turbulently and creates a noisy sound are called

7. Normal phonological deviation that children make when producing sounds and words are referred to as

8. There was a great hue and cry against Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess and Jude the Obscure because of ________ in them.

9. Restoration period saw the rise of

10. Most of the novels of R K Narayan are set in_______

11. In the 'Preface to Lyrical Ballads' Wordsworth propounds his theory of:

12. What is the most common poetic quality in Keats and Tennyson?

13. When the baby is three months old s/he can produce velar sounds like /k/, /g/ ad vowels /i/ and /u/. This stage is known as

14. How many plays did William Shakespeare write?

15. Who was the main contributor to the linguistic period?

16. Close Shave means

17. Lord Byron belongs to............age

18. “Marlowe simply prepared the way for the master who was to follow” Who is the master referred to in this remark?

19. Two words with very closely related meanings:

20. Arubindo Ghose Savitri is an epic of the?

21. In which novel of his, Lawrence dealt with the psychological phenomenon known as 'Oedipus Complex'?

22. What is meant by etymology?

23. Bacon's essays are regarded as compendium of:

24. The 'Old Wives' Tale' is a novel by:

25. “His verse is sensuous and passionate and at its best simple, thus according with Milton's famous definition”. About whom has this been said?

26. Who wrote "Milton thou should be living at this hour"

27. Emily Bronte wrote only one novel entitled

28. The Faerie Queen is a/an poem

29. George Eliot is the pen name of

30. The sound made with air, passing through nose, and making the “ng” sound of "sing" is called

31. Intellectually amusing utterance calculated to delight and surprise is called

32. which is the hottest city of Pakistan?

There is a charge of misanthropy upon

Thomas Hardy is believed to be a

Barchester Tower is one of the important novel of

Who is called the child of Golden Day?

Ibsen is the father of

The line '' she dwells with Beauty, Beauty that must be'' occurs in Keat' s:

Who wrote '' The Pilgrim's Progress''?

Mood is related to illocutionary force moods are……

Consonant that is produced with a strict is called….

When a pidgin becomes a lingua-franca, it is called….

Another name for Grammar Translation Method is….

Lexical unit in which two or more lexical morphemes are juxtaposed are called…

Pure Poet is title given to..

Who considers Hamlet to be an Artistic Failure?

'Child is the father of man' is said by?

Bard-Avon term is used for

The Rape of Lock first published in

Milton's Lycidas by theme is

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